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Earl Cameron

Born August 18, 1917 in
Inception (2010)
as "Elderly Bald Man"
The Queen (2006)
as "Portrait Artist"
as "Dr. Zuwanie"
Revelation (2001)
as "Cardeal Chisamba"
Neverwhere (1996)
as "The Abbot"
Cuba (1979)
as "Col Rossel Leyva"
as "Annajashi"
as "Ambassador George Oswandu"
as "Charles Marriott"
as "Pinder"
as "Captain Abraham"
as "Chard"
as "Gabriel Gomez"
as "Tate"
Sapphire (1959)
as "Dr. Robbins"
as "Witchdoctor"
Odongo (1956)
as "Hassan"
Safari (1956)
as "Jeroge"
Simba (1955)
as "Karanja"
as "George Robinson"
as "Ginger Jones"
as "Johnny Lambert"
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