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Mickey Rourke

Born September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York, U.S.
Philip Andre "Mickey" Rourke, Jr. (born September 16, 1952) is an American actor and screenwriter who has appeared primarily as a leading man in action, drama, and thriller films.

Trained as a boxer in his early years, Rourke had a short stint as a professional boxer in the 1990s. He won a 2009 Golden Globe award and a BAFTA award, and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Academy Award for his work in the film The Wrestler. He appears as the main villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2 along with Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, and Sam Rockwell and is also well known for playing Marv in Sin City.
as "Zorringer"
War Pigs (2015)
as "Major A.J. Redding"
Ashby (2015)
as "Ashby Holt"
as "Vogel"
as "himself"
as "Lucifer"
as "Narrator"
as "Himself"
Java Heat (2013)
as "Malik"
as "Tom Hudson"
as "Maxwell"
as "Himself"
as "Himself"
Immortals (2011)
as "King Hyperion"
as "Nate"
as "Tool"
Iron Man 2 (2010)
as "Ivan Vanko / Whiplash"
13 (2010)
as "Jefferson"
Killshot (2008)
as "Armand 'The Blackbird' Degas"
as "Peter"
as "Randy "Ram" Robinson"
as "Darrius Sayle"
Domino (2005)
as "Ed Mosbey"
Sin City (2005)
as "Marv"
as "Jordan"
as "Billy"
as "Edmund"
Spun (2002)
as "The Cook"
as "Eddie"
They Crawl (2001)
as "Tiny Frakes"
The Pledge (2001)
as "Jim Olstad"
Get Carter (2000)
as "Cyrus Paice"
as "Jan the Actress"
Shades (1999)
as "Paul S. Sullivan"
as "Jack Bracken"
Shergar (1999)
as "Gavin O'Rourke"
Thursday (1998)
as "Kasarov"
as "Father Frank Larkin"
as "Rudy Ray"
as "Bookmacher"
as "Bruiser Stone"
as "Ed Altman"
as "John Gray"
as "Stavros"
Bullet (1996)
as "Butch 'Bullet' Stein"
Fall Time (1995)
as "Florence"
F.T.W. (1994)
as "Frank T. Wells"
as "Graff"
as "Gorman Lennox"
as "Harley Davidson"
as "Michael Bosworth"
as "James Wheeler"
as "Johnny Handsome"
Francesco (1989)
as "Francesco"
Homeboy (1988)
as "Johnny Walker"
as "Martin Fallon"
Barfly (1987)
as "Henry Chinaski"
as "Harry Angel"
as "John"
as "Capt. Stanley White"
as "The Motorcycle Boy"
Eureka (1983)
as "Aurelio D'Amato"
Diner (1982)
as "Robert 'Boogie' Sheftell"
Body Heat (1981)
as "Teddy Lewis"
as "Nick Ray"
as "John Rideout"
as "Richie"
as "Joseph Cybulkowski"
as "Tony Pate"
1941 (1979)
as "Reese"
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