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Haruo Nakajima

Born uknown in
as "Himself"
as "Prime Minister's Chauffeur"
as "Godzilla/JSDF Officer/Comic Editor in background"
as "Godzilla"
as "Gezora/Ganimes"
as "Godzilla"
as "Flying Lion/Giant Rat"
as "Staff of Flying Dragon / Staff of Rabaul"
as "Godzilla/Military Advisor"
as "Godzilla (water scenes only)"
as "King Kong"
as "Godzilla"
as "Gaira"
as "Godzilla"
as "Godzilla"
Matango (1963)
as "Matango"
as "Varan"
as "Godzilla"
Gorath (1962)
as "Maguma"
Mothra (1961)
as "Mothra"
as "Transitional Vapor Man (uncredited)"
as "Akisuki soldier"
The H-Man (1958)
as "Second dissolved sailor (uncredited)"
as "Giant Robot [Script name: Moguera]"
Rodan (1956)
as "Rodan"
Rodan (1956)
as "Meganulon"
as "Godzilla (uncredited)"
as "Foundry employee (uncredited)"
Half Human (1955)
as "Mountain searcher"
as "Godzilla"
as "Invisible Man Who was Run Over"
Godzilla (1954)
as "Godzilla"
as "Bandit"
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