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Colin Stinton

Born Mars 10, 1947 in
as "Senator from Iowa"
as "Talk Show Host"
Rush (2013)
as "Teddy Mayer"
as "Thorpe"
as "Freddie"
as "Bob Gilruth"
Red Mist (2008)
as "Detective Cartert"
as "Embassy Official"
as "Dr. Kinsey"
as "Neal Daniels"
as "Max"
as "Kaufman"
as "Justice Robert Jackson"
Proof (2005)
as "Theoretical Physicist"
as "Dr. John Nichols"
The Jacket (2005)
as "Jury Foreman"
Closer (2004)
as "Customs Officer"
as "Alexander Haig (US Secretary of State)"
Spy Game (2001)
as "Henry Pollard"
as "Desmond Curry"
as "Dr. Dave Greenwalt"
Ghostwatch (1992)
as "Dr Emilio Sylvestri"
Hostages (1992)
as "Mike Mulholland"
Homicide (1991)
as "Walter B. Wells"
as "Henziger"
as "Thurmond Richards"
as "Billy"
as ""
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