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Dietmar Mues

Born uknown in
as "Vater Heinrich"
as "Udo Winter"
as "Guido Gründer"
as "Helmut Lürzer"
as "Professor Borgmann"
as "Baron Karl von Hohenau"
as "Filialleiter Zychi"
as "Pfarrer Lentz"
Kollaps (2002)
as ""
as "Anwalt"
as "Heinz Siebert"
as "Rudolph Kronberg"
as "Klaus"
as "Georg Rübenacker"
as "Mr. Winter"
as "Klaus Eckleben - alt"
as "Pfeiffer"
as "Heinrich Pfaumann"
as "Thomas Rabe"
as ""
as "Max Schrader"
as ""
Betrogen (1985)
as "Gerhard"
as "Hans Peter Footh, Reeder"
as "Peek"
as "Herr Lenz"
as "Conrad Castiletz"
as "Gelehrter aus Greliandria"
as "Wehrmacht Captain"
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