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Anant Jog

Born uknown in
as "Opposition Party Leader"
John Day (2013)
as ""
Shanghai (2012)
as "Truck Driver Jaggu"
as "Minister"
Singham (2011)
as "Minister Anant Narvekar"
Nakshatra (2010)
as "Police Commissioner"
as "Ratnath Gaikwad"
as "Tichkule's relative"
as "Commissioner Shyam Singh"
as "Police Inspector"
as "Iqbal Khan"
Risk (2007)
as "A.R. Sarang"
as "Paswan"
No Entry (2005)
as "Minister Kawle (uncredited)"
Sarkar (2005)
as "Police Commissioner"
as "Badri Tiwari"
as "Sawant"
Lal Salaam (2002)
as "Anant Jog"
Chaahat (1996)
as "Minister K.K. Singh"
Vijaypath (1994)
as "Bhavani Singh"
Sir (1993)
as ""
as "Lobo"
as "Sub Inspector Vijay Gupta"
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