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Michel Constantin

Born July 13, 1924 in
as "Docteur Bernier"
La Baston (1985)
as ""
as "Le directeur du cinéma"
as "Adjudant Édouard Mahuzard"
as "Secutor Flavien Magister"
as "Alexandre Gagnon"
as "Grougnache"
as "Don Vincenzo Talascio"
as "Carl Mank"
as "Veronique"
as "Guilloux"
The Track (1975)
as "Le capitaine Nimier"
as "Culli"
The Beast (1974)
as "Sandro Colautti"
as "Capt. Augier"
as "Inspector Palma"
Le Mataf (1973)
as "Bernard Solville"
Les hommes (1973)
as "Marius Fantoni, dit "Fanto""
as "Antoine"
The Pariah (1972)
as "Xavier Saratov"
as "Le commissaire Campana"
as "Michel"
Cold Sweat (1970)
as "Whitey"
The Cop (1970)
as "Viletti"
as "Killain"
as "René"
as "Coster"
as "Greg, the henchman"
as "André"
as "Chamoun"
as "Jose"
Pillaged (1967)
as "Georges"
as "Sgt Rudolph Petrowsky"
as "Stan"
as "Alban"
as "Jeff"
as "Skida"
as "Cicero"
as "Le chef des racketteurs américains"
Le Trou (1960)
as "Geo Cassine"
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