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Corrado Gaipa

Born uknown in
as "Ministro Euclide (voce)"
as "Voce Fuoricampo"
as "Senator"
as "The Inspector"
as "Udo Kassbaum"
as "Pietro Sam Germano"
as "Magistrate"
as "District Attorney"
as "Father Onorio"
as ""
Chino (1973)
as "Padre"
No Way Out (1973)
as "Arzenta's Father"
as "Lawyer"
as "Don Emilio Grisanti"
The Boss (1973)
as "Avvocato Rizzo"
as "G√ľnther Rosenthal"
as "Don Gesualdo"
as "Don Tommasino"
as "L'avvocato Armani"
as "Head of Insurance Company"
as "Editor"
as "Isaac Thetman"
Metello (1970)
as "Badolati"
as "Presidente del Tribunale"
as "The Colonel (voice)"
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