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Nana Mizuki

Born January 21, 1980 in EHIME,JAPAN
as "Chirai (voice)"
as "Hinata Uzumaki"
as "Hyuuga Hinata (voice)"
as "Hinata Hyūga (voice)"
as "Itezuru (voice)"
as "Saya Kisaragi (voice)"
as "Tsubomi Hanasaki / Cure Blossom (voice)"
as "Mama"
Book Girl (2010)
as "Nanase Kotobuki (voice)"
as "Fate Testarossa / Alicia Testarossa (voice)"
as "Hinata Hyūga (voice)"
as "Hinata Hyuga (voice)"
as "Chizuru"
as "Audrey (voice)"
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