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José Garcia

Born uknown in
Full Speed (2016)
as "Tom"
as "Victor Gamieux"
Fonzy (2013)
as "Diego"
as "Etienne Forcier"
as "Muzafar"
as "Patrick Orbéra"
Chez Gino (2011)
as "Gino Roma"
Le Mac (2010)
as "Ace / Chapelle"
as "Vielverdrus"
as "Minor"
as "Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg"
GAL (2006)
as "Manuel Mallo"
Black Box (2005)
as "Arthur Seligman"
The Ax (2005)
as "Bruno Davert"
as "Stéphane"
People (2004)
as "John John"
as "José Jimenez"
After You (2003)
as "Louis"
Utopia (2003)
as "Comandante"
as "Vincent Roméro"
as "Paul"
Blanche (2002)
as "Louis XIV"
as "Le Turc"
as "Claude Lambert"
as "Dr. Choart"
Love Bites (2001)
as "Caniveau"
as "Serge Benhamou"
as "Hugo"
Whatever (1999)
as "Tisserand"
as "Serge Benhamou"
as "Colle, le détective"
as "Bruno Piacentini"
as "Figaro"
Élisa (1995)
as "le passager du taxi"
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