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Charles Halton

Born Mars 16, 1876 in
as "Clemmons Usqubaugh"
as "The Dean"
as "Willard Maibrunn"
Carrie (1952)
as "Factory Foreman"
as "Cusick"
as "Pettit"
as "Merkle - the Shyster"
as "Clumhill"
as "Ed J. Hodges"
Hideout (1949)
as "Gabriel Wotter"
as "Oliver Latham"
as "Mr. Lipska (uncredited)"
as "Pringle (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Mittwick - High School Principal (uncredited)"
as "T. O'Connor Scott"
as "Carter (uncredited)"
as "Hoskins"
as "Mr. Dunlap"
as "Picot"
as "Dr. Collyer"
as "Henry Miggs"
as "Mr. Kast"
as "Mr. Barker (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Tweedle"
Wilson (1944)
as "Colonel House"
as "Doc Stacey"
as "Censorial Pipsqueak"
as "Doctor"
Rationing (1944)
as "Ezra Weeks"
Up in Arms (1944)
as "Dr. Roger B. Freyheisen"
as "Harry Hammond"
as "Wilkins - Hotel Clerk (uncredited)"
as "Smith"
as "Charley Gates (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Hawkins - Newspaper Editor (uncredited)"
as "A.V. Smith"
as "Elias Noonan"
as "Trumbull"
as "Mayor Dan Crane"
as "Jonathan Stuve"
as "Mr. Hayes"
as "Mark Gruber"
as "Producer Dobosh"
as "Cudahy"
as "Phil Kaper"
as "Doc - Coroner"
as "Mr. Pinchback"
as "Ames Bentley"
as "Rufus Smith (auctioneer)"
as "Claude Haddock"
Dance Hall (1941)
as "Mr. Frederick Newmeyer"
as "John Parkinson"
as "Judge"
as "Hazelton - Barrett's Aide"
as "Mayor"
as "Mr. Bixby"
as "Mr. Packer (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Deever"
as "Neil Saunders"
as "Second Judge (uncredited)"
as "Alec Severn"
as "Mort Borrow"
as "Hadley Weaver"
as "Moderator"
as "Bradley"
as "Albert Meng"
as "Mr. Leonard Harkspur Sr. (uncredited)"
as "Chamber of Commerce Official"
as "Farnsworth (uncredited)"
as "Dr' Dobbins"
as "Bromo"
as "Henry Adams"
as "Dr. Streeter"
as "Doctor in Front Row in Final Scene"
as "Dr. Rupert Bulfinch"
as "Ralston - Virginia City Banker"
as "Sensenbrenner"
as "Detective"
as "Pond"
as "Printer (uncredited)"
Reno (1939)
as "Augustus Welch"
as "Ben Bradford"
as "Pawnshop Owner (uncredited)"
as "Uncle Redley"
as "Manager of Rubber Company"
as "Mayor"
as "Lt. Governor Elmer Hinge"
as "Hawthorne"
as "Beldon"
Dodge City (1939)
as "Surrett's Lawyer"
as "Mr. Wixby"
as "Newspaper Publicity Man (uncredited)"
as "Heywood"
as "Damon Lauber"
as "Ambassador"
as "Popsie (uncredited)"
as "Atty. Clyde Perkins (uncredited)"
as "Dr. Glass"
as "George Leander"
as "Mayor"
as "Mr. Bitts"
as "Vincent Nather"
as "Mr. Bitts"
as "Turner (uncredited)"
as "Dr. Gilgallon"
Dead End (1937)
as "Whitey (Uncredited)"
as "M.B. Carter"
as "Julius Klawheimer"
as "Mr. Judd"
as "Brockman"
as "Mr. Rodney H. Bitts"
as "Le Grande"
as "Osgood"
as "Dr. Bell"
as "Mr. Crosby"
as "Jed Hewitt"
as "Optometrist (uncredited)"
as "Villager"
as "Wilkes"
Laughter (1930)
as "Winslow, Gibson's Secretary (Uncredited)"
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