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Lam Suet

Born uknown in
Three (2016)
as "Fatty (Constable)"
as "Mr. Su"
But Always (2014)
as ""
Iceman (2014)
as ""
as "Suet"
as "Robber"
as "Boss Lee (segment "Stolen Goods")"
as "Lee Tak Shing"
Drug War (2012)
as "Fatso"
Vulgaria (2012)
as "Wah-tao"
as "Big-Mouth Zhao"
as "Cheung Fai"
as "cha er si"
as "Construction Worker"
as "Kui Chuen"
as "Li Feng Jen"
as "Qin Feng"
as "Chicken Devil"
as ""
as "Tien San"
as "Water-Father"
as ""
as "Tiger Chan"
Triple Tap (2010)
as "Mr Fong"
as "Deputy mayor Cheung Ho-Tin"
as "Fatty"
as "Kwok Lok"
as "His Excellency Wu Fa Da"
Bad Blood (2010)
as "Peter Wong"
as "Piggy King"
Accident (2009)
as "Fatty"
as "Sarge"
Vengeance (2009)
as "Tsui"
as "Old Ghost"
as "Fat Wing"
as "Fat Tong / Sgt Lam Tong"
Sparrow (2008)
as "Lung"
as "Stick"
as "Big Mouth"
Triad Wars (2008)
as "Wong Shu Chor / Fat Ball"
Linger (2008)
as "Yan's Roomate"
as "Warden"
as "Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality"
Brothers (2007)
as ""
Triangle (2007)
as "Fat Bo (as Lam Suet)"
as "Sonny"
as "Ng Tung / Fatman"
as "Brother Pang"
Gong Tau (2007)
as "Officer 'Brother' Sum (as Lam Suet)"
as "shopkeeper"
as "Commissioner Wong"
as "Orderly [cameo]"
as "Loan Shark Cheng"
as "Soo"
Exiled (2006)
as "Fat (as Lam Suet)"
as "Lam Yu"
as "Fat Lam"
Election 2 (2006)
as "Big Head"
as "Manny's father"
as "Brother Wai"
2 Become 1 (2006)
as "Police Officer"
as "Lo Wai"
Election (2005)
as "Big Head"
as "Paramedic"
2 Young (2005)
as ""
as "Milk powder shoplifter"
Divergence (2005)
as "Mou Wai-Bun"
as "Fat Seven"
as "Yip"
Jiang Hu (2004)
as "Fat policeman outside toilet"
as "Liu"
as "Inspector Lee"
as "Axe Gang Vice General"
as "Big Fish"
as "Uncle Keun"
as "Mendosa"
as "Sgt. Chan"
as "Restaurant Owner"
as "Cheung Man Po"
as "Kung"
PTU (2003)
as "Sgt. Lo Sa"
as "Bobby Chan"
as "Kam Hing Cheung"
as "Himself"
as "Fatty (as Lam Suet)"
as "Judge Chow"
as ""
as "Knife Lam"
Possessed (2002)
as "Reverend Henry Yeung"
as "Kwan"
as "Fatty"
U-Man (2002)
as "Skinny"
as "May's Father (as Lam Suet)"
as "Ken (as Lam Suet)"
as "Landlord"
as "Sai Keung"
as "Fei Si"
as "Fat Ice"
as "Bun Man"
as "Mr. Wu"
as "Robber"
as "Ho"
Wu Yen (2001)
as "Prime Minister"
as "Kong"
Help!!! (2000)
as "Dr. Andy"
as "Martin (as Lam Suet)"
as "Fat Pang"
as ""
as "James"
as "Suet"
as "Karl"
Mr. Wai-Go (1998)
as ""
as ""
as "Tall Wai's man"
as "Cafe Owner's Assistant"
Intruder (1997)
as "Cleaning river entrance"
as "Mah jong heavy"
as "Tourist with family photographed by Cheo"
Lifeline (1997)
as "Arsonist"
as "Pudgy Triad Member"
Loving You (1995)
as ""
as ""
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