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Philip Jackson

Born June 18, 1948 in
as "John Freeman"
Believe (2013)
as "Bob"
as "Fred"
as "Mr. Jackson"
as "Trevor"
as "Roger Smith"
City State (2011)
as "William"
as "Trevor"
as "Voice of Grand Lunar"
Margaret (2009)
as "Bernard Ingham"
Fanny Hill (2007)
as "Mr. Croft"
as "Big John"
as "Stephen, Joe's Dad"
as "William"
as "Mr. Barker"
as "Torsten"
as "Hugh Bispham"
as "Marmaladov"
as "Lonnie Urquart"
as "George"
as "Dave Simpson"
as "De Wissembourg"
Our Boy (1997)
as ""
as "Captain White"
as "Jim"
as "Howard Spink"
High Hopes (1988)
as "Martin Burke"
as "Burkinshaw"
as "Andrew Merry-Lees"
Scum (1979)
as "Mr Greaves"
as "Bernard"
Pressure (1976)
as "2nd CID Officer"
Rogue Male (1976)
as "1st Seaman"
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