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Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Born October 1, 1962 in
as "Admiral Wilcox"
as "Terry"
Congo (2018)
as "Victor Makuni"
as "Amahle"
as "Chris Whitlock"
Yefon (2015)
as "Fon Nto"
as "Captain Dutse"
as "Adesola"
as ""
Inalé (2010)
as "Odeh"
as "Captain Jack Tobamke"
as "Awolowa Odusami"
as "African Businessman"
as "Colonel Ike Dubaku"
Big Fellas (2007)
as "Ray"
as "Captain Jocard"
as "Erasmus"
Slipstream (2005)
as ""
as "George Rutaganda"
as "Jomo"
as "Dr. Ade"
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