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Nicholas Jones

Born April 3, 1946 in
as "John Simon, 1st Viscount Simon"
as "Dick Waddle"
as "Pollard Senior"
Mr. Turner (2014)
as "Sir John Soane"
as "Sir Edward Shore"
Effie Gray (2014)
as "Doctor Lee"
Philomena (2013)
as "Dr. Robert"
as "General Blake"
as "Admiral Leach"
Margaret (2009)
as "Tim Renton"
Flawless (2007)
as "Jameson"
as "Lord Raven (Jake's Father)"
Vera Drake (2004)
as "Defence Barrister"
as "Lieutenant Buckland"
as "James"
as "Sir Fabian Ormerod"
as "Fletcher"
as "Dr. Robin Oakley"
as "Vicar"
as "Eugene Wrayburn"
as "Charles"
as "Kromer"
The Corpse (1971)
as "Benjy Smith"
Wolfshead (1969)
as "Squire"
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