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Wolf Roth

Born uknown in
as "Wolfgang Fischer"
as "Ed Mirral"
as "Paolo Rossi"
as "Wilhelm Tomrad"
as "Marshall Garrett"
as "Jürgen Matthies"
as "Heiner Franke"
as "Karl Grezelius"
as "Philipp Burckhardt"
as "Gordon Shiplay"
as "Körner"
as "Hans-Hermann Walker"
as "Feuerberg"
Diebinnen (1996)
as "Rolf Stutz"
as "Arwed Imiela"
as "Dr. Lindemann"
as "Wolfgang Schirmer"
as "Herr Metzner"
Die Falle (1983)
as "Daniel Corban"
as "Bill"
Plutonium (1978)
as "Porfirio Perez"
as "Curtelin"
as ""
as "Ferdinand"
as "Jehan d'Aigues-Mortes"
High Risk (1976)
as "Erik"
as "Valera"
as "Hohenberg"
as "Cincinnatus C."
as "Don Alvarez"
Hard Women (1970)
as "Nick"
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