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Edward Binns

Born September 12, 1916 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
as "Monsignor Frank Barrett"
as "Bishop Brophy"
The Pilot (1980)
as "Larry Zanoff"
as "Himself - Narrator (voice)"
as "Phil Cavilleri"
as "Joey Ziegler"
as "Mr. Fry"
as ""
Patton (1970)
as "Major General Walter Bedell Smith"
Chubasco (1967)
as "Judge North"
as "Adm. Thomas Healy"
Fail-Safe (1964)
as "Col. Jack Grady"
as "Senator Burkette"
as "Luke Connett"
as "Sheriff Ed McClain"
as "Captain Junket"
as "State Police Capt. Green"
Compulsion (1959)
as "Tom Daly"
as "Dr. Price"
as "George Madison"
as "Juror 6"
as "Lt. Kennedy"
as "Sgt. Allen"
Vice Squad (1953)
as "Al Barkis"
as "Lt. Pete Hamilton"
Teresa (1951)
as "Sgt. Brown"
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