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Richard Kiley

Born Mars 31, 1922 in
as "Don Quixote (segment "Man Of La Mancha")"
as "Joey (archive footage)"
as "Dr. Titan"
as "Narrator (voice)"
as "Frank Dougherty"
Phenomenon (1996)
as "Dr. Wellin"
Secrets (1995)
as "Dr. Will Berter"
as "Matthew"
as "Jurassic Park Tour Voice (voice)"
as "Dr. RJ Cannon"
as "Chief Justice Earl Warren"
as "Chalk Brighton"
as "J. Fred Buzhardt"
as "Joe Gardner"
as "Gunther Hartog"
as "George Hollis"
A.D. (1985)
as "Claudius"
as "Richard Bravo"
as "Narrator (voice)"
as "Sir Simon De Canterville"
as "George Mason"
as "Arthur Axelrod"
as "Mr. Dunn"
as "The Pilot"
as "Himself"
Pendulum (1969)
as "Woodrow Wilson King"
as "Merritt Blake"
Patterns (1955)
as "Fred Staples"
as "John Patterson"
as "Joshua Y. Edwards"
as "Joey"
as "Pvt. Coke"
The Sniper (1952)
as "Dr. James G. Kent"
The Mob (1951)
as "Thomas 'Tom' Clancy"
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