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Aaron Pearl

Born May 11, 1972 in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
as "Gary Koeler"
Blackway (2015)
as "Scotty Cavanaugh"
Godzilla (2014)
as "Evacuation Worker #1"
as "Nate Reynolds"
as "Detective Geller"
as "Sgt. Kurlanski"
as "Branson"
as "James Mason"
as "Toothpick Double"
Ice Quake (2010)
as "Cochrane"
as "Det. Runyon"
as "Bobby Ellis"
as "Carter"
as "Father"
Takedown (2010)
as "Reg"
as "Ryan Caull"
Fireball (2009)
as "Fire Lieutenant"
as "Milligan"
Past Lies (2008)
as "Kozlowski"
Vipers (2008)
as "Jack Martin"
Love Notes (2007)
as "Steve Fitzgerald"
as "Douglas Mak"
as "Sergeant Miller"
as "Team Leader"
as "Derick Woodcutter"
as "K9 Guard"
as "Jeff Monroe"
as "Roman"
X2 (2003)
as "Stryker Soldier"
as "Brad"
Duets (2000)
as "Buddy"
as "Michael"
The Spring (2000)
as "Josh Gamble"
as "Lou"
as "Tom"
as "Robert Singer"
as "Sean Laughrea"
Titanic (1996)
as "Ausguck Reginald Lee"
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