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Bruno Bilotta

Born uknown in
as "Mob Boss (uncredited)"
as "Keys"
as "Andretti"
as "Sniper Chief Giordani"
as "Ivan Lionelli"
as "Pierluigi"
as "Paul Jurnee"
as "Libero"
as "il sindacalista"
as "Benzinaio"
as "Danilo Abbruciati"
Titus (1999)
as "Roman Captain"
as "Salvatore Inzerillo"
as "Pasquale Barra"
as "Er Tigre"
as "Kofi"
Porzus (1997)
as "Dinamo"
Moses (1995)
as "Aufseher"
as "Il finto fantasma"
as "Karl Kalenberg"
as "Caleb Sakur"
Scugnizzi (1989)
as ""
as "Brad (as Karl Landgren)"
as "Bandit Leader"
Demons 2 (1986)
as "Jacob"
as "Mosley Security"
as "fratello più giovane di Samantha"
as "Pecoraro (uncredited)"
as "Chinese Theater Spectator (uncredited)"
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