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Luigi Diberti

Born September 29, 1939 in
as "Anatol"
Wild Blood (2008)
as "Cardi"
as "Giuseppe"
as "Vittorio Marchetti"
as "Papa Innocenzo"
Adored (2003)
as "Rod Lariani / Porn Director"
as "Elder"
as "Zaccheroni"
as "Emilio"
as "Padre Silvana (Ulderico) / Zio Gusberto"
as "Avvocato della pubblica accusa"
as "Capestro"
as "Insp. Manetti"
Poliziotti (1995)
as "Berardi"
as "Franz Josef Guicciardi"
Magnificat (1993)
as "Lord of Malfole"
Il segreto (1990)
as ""
as "Claudio Conti"
as ""
as "Mario"
as "Il prete contestatore"
as "Lawyer"
as "Ruggiero"
as "Gigi"
High Crime (1973)
as "Belli's Assistant"
as ""
as "Rodolfo Baroni"
as "Massimo Trotti"
as "Pippino"
Metello (1970)
as "Lippi"
as "Himself / Reenactor"
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