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Don Lake

Born November 26, 1956 in
Downsizing (2017)
as "Matt"
Mascots (2016)
as "Buddy Campbell"
Zootopia (2016)
as "Stu Hopps (voice)"
as "Dr. Meldman"
as "Video Game Producer"
as "Love It Film Critic"
as "Elliott Steinbloom"
as "Graham Chissolm"
as "Elias"
RocketMan (1997)
as "Le Chirurgien du Vol"
as "Phil Burgess"
as "Lt. Bailey"
as "Lt. Sneed"
Sodbusters (1994)
as "Roy Poulet"
as "Mossberg"
Speed Zone (1989)
as "Whitman"
as ""
as "Manic Mike"
as "Elliot Jacobs"
as "Hugh Millins"
as "Deputy Barney Drum"
as "Mr. Wig"
as "Alfred Jordon - Registration Desk"
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