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Bruce Altman

Born July 3, 1955 in The Bronx, New York, U.S
Married and has one daughterStudied in NYC with William Hickey and at the William Esper studio.A 1990 graduate of the Yale School of Drama.
as "Jerry Roach"
as "Dr. Burgi"
as "Donald"
Shelter (2014)
as "Peter"
as "James Richards"
as "Mass Action Attorney"
as "Milton Jr."
Arbitrage (2012)
as "Chris Vogler"
as "Chief of Staff"
The Sitter (2011)
as "Jim Griffith"
as "Television Executive"
as "Ted"
as "Dr. Koven"
Bride Wars (2009)
as "Simmons"
as "Dad"
Recount (2008)
as "Mitchell Berger"
Deception (2008)
as "Lawyer #1"
as "Dez"
as "Coach Gilmore"
as "Dr. Klein"
L.I.E. (2001)
as "Marty Blitzer"
Dear Diary (1996)
as "Griffin"
as "Paul Wheeler"
Vibrations (1996)
as "Barry"
Quiz Show (1994)
as "Gene"
White Mile (1994)
as "David Koenig"
The Paper (1994)
as "Carl"
Mr. Jones (1993)
as "David"
as "Jack Bradfield"
My New Gun (1992)
as "Irwin Bloom"
as "Larry Spannel"
as "Bruce, Henry's Partner"
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