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Waldemar Kobus

Born uknown in
as "Dr. Ziegler"
as "Wilhelm Borgdorf"
as "Le Berre-Ryckeboerec"
as "Frank"
as "Battista Rossi"
as "Karsten Leimer"
as "Rabbi"
as "Herr Strichninsky"
as "Daniel Strumpf"
as "Jon Vogler"
Nemesis (2010)
as "Karl"
as "Manni"
as "Schultze"
as "Patrick Stimmler"
as "Halvar"
as "Matthias Goldt"
as "Franz Kogler"
as "Herr Megert"
as "Wolle"
as "Colonel Pflueger"
as "Oberkreisdirektor"
as "Stephan Bronski"
as "Vinny - Cruncher Thug"
as "Rudi"
The Vow (2007)
as "Dr. Wesener"
as "Mihai"
as "Yeti (voice)"
as "Kellner"
as "Hausmeister in der Skihalle"
Waiter (2006)
as "Richard"
Black Book (2006)
as "Günther Franken"
as "Polizist Meierich"
as "Michael"
as "Herr Berger"
as "Arnold Heinrich"
as "Dietmar"
as "Palace Guard"
as "Sven Böhmer"
Sun Alley (1999)
as "Samson"
as "Otto"
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