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Angelo Infanti

Born February 16, 1939 in
as "Mario Cinè"
Ex (2009)
as "padre di Elisa"
as "il padre di Veronica"
as "Burattinaio"
The Tube (2005)
as "Luca Scardi, Vater"
as "Fonseca"
David (1997)
as "Ahimelech"
Sottozero (1987)
as "Antonio"
as "Trifone"
as "Gianluca"
as "Father Morosini"
as "Tito / Giasone"
Borotalco (1982)
as "Manuel Fantoni"
as "Falk"
as "Fusco Cornelio"
as "Gianni"
as "Raoul"
as "Hassan"
as "Inspector"
as "Jean-Paul Dossena / il Nizzardo"
as "Dr. Paul Gardner"
as "Gianni Danieli"
Jackpot (1975)
as ""
as "Frank Grant"
as "Ferdinando Scarano 'O'Barone'"
Les hommes (1973)
as "Ange Leoni"
as "Lucky Luciano"
as "Fabrizio"
as "Bernardo"
Le Mans (1971)
as "Lugo Abratte"
as "Buck Carson"
as "protettore"
The Breach (1970)
as "Dr. Blanchard"
as "Jean / Gianni"
as "Bruno"
as "Barry Haller"
as "Francesco"
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