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Oliver Stritzel

Born uknown in
as "Elfreda"
as "Jürgen Wenzel"
as "Harald Rösler"
as "Herr Schneider"
as "Kurt Winter"
as "Josef Rother"
as "Richard Gothe"
as "Rolf Pauske"
as "Eugen Goldschmidt"
as "Wilhelm von Krempin"
as "Polizist"
Downfall (2004)
as "Maschinist Hentschel"
as "Roland Wolff"
as "Vater"
as "Detta"
as "Rudi Carius"
Natascha (2000)
as "Alfred"
as "Jörg Serra"
as "Dr. Nordwig"
as "Dr. Rüdiger Dohmann"
as "Andreas Scharrenberg"
as "Heribert"
as "Stefan"
as ""
as "Kreditsachbearbeiter"
as "Dr. Siemers"
as ""
Bolero (1983)
as ""
as "Zorro"
as "Sepp"
as "Krause"
Das Boot (1981)
as "Schwalle"
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