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C. Thomas Howell

Born December 7, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Christopher Thomas Howell (born December 7, 1966), usually credited as C. Thomas Howell, is an American actor and film director. He starred in the films The Outsiders as Ponyboy Curtis and in The Hitcher as Jim Halsey. He has appeared in Soul Man, Red Dawn, Secret Admirer, Gettysburg, H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, The Day the Earth Stopped and Gods and Generals. He is scheduled to appear in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man.

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as "Eobard Thawne / Professor Zoom (voice)"
LBJ (2016)
as "Walter Jenkins"
as "Kaine"
as "Officer Roberts"
as "Jack Carter"
Woodlawn (2015)
as "George 'Shorty' White"
as "Dr. Will Magnus (voice)"
Rivers 9 (2015)
as "Sheriff Quentin"
as "Keith"
as "Jack"
as "Carter"
as "Jack Carter"
as "Rad"
Category 5 (2014)
as ""
as "Zeke"
as "Rex Everhart"
as "Mitch Fielding"
as "Delbert Furgeson"
as "Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne / Reverse-Flash (voice)"
as "Jack"
as "Nathan Detrick"
MoniKa (2012)
as "Double"
as "Patrick Cole"
as "Ray"
as "Jack's Father"
as "Russ"
Escape (2012)
as "Paul Jordan"
as "John Youngstown"
Cross (2011)
as "Jake"
as "Sheriff Beaumont"
as ""
as "Chief Grasso"
as "Professor Grimes"
The Grind (2009)
as "Luke"
as "Frost Michaels"
as "Seth Delray"
as "Josh Myron"
as "Horn"
as "Thomas"
as "George Herbert"
Big Game (2008)
as "Sully"
as "David Settles"
as "Michael Archer"
as "Doctor Ballard"
as "Clayton Connelly"
Glass Trap (2005)
as "Curtis"
as "George Herbert"
as "Coach Fielding"
as ""
as "Jim Powell"
as "Kenneth Bianchi"
as "Addison Terrill"
Zolar (2004)
as "Hedion"
Hidalgo (2004)
as "Preston Webb"
Nursie (2004)
as "Zack"
as "Sgt. Thomas Chamberlain"
Net Games (2003)
as "Adam Vance"
as "Sheriff Lyndon Harris"
WillFull (2001)
as "Nat Wolff"
Hot Boyz (2000)
as "Officer Roberts"
as "Concierge"
as "Dean Riley"
as "Jack"
Red Team (2000)
as "J.B. Gaines"
as "Tom Holly"
as ""
as "John Reed"
as "Dakota"
Charades (1998)
as "Evan"
as "Sanchez Boon"
Last Lives (1997)
as "Aaron"
as "Blaise Rybeck"
Dead Fire (1997)
as "Tucker"
as "Evan Marino"
Dilemma (1997)
as "Thomas 'Quin' Quinlan"
as "Johnie Dean"
as "Mark Goddard"
Hourglass (1995)
as "Michael Jardine"
as "Baby Face Nelson"
as "Mike"
as "Jim Lomax"
Payback (1995)
as "Oscar Bonsetter"
as "Dan Jericho"
as "Carl"
as "Ben Braden / Alex Connelly"
as "Micky Stewert"
as "Paul Stevens"
Jailbait (1993)
as "Sergeant Lee Teffler"
That Night (1992)
as "Rick"
as "Egan"
Kid (1990)
as "Kid"
as ""
as "Himself"
Side Out (1990)
as "Monroe Clark"
as "Arturo Toscanini"
as "Bubber Drumm"
Soul Man (1986)
as "Mark Watson"
as "Jim Halsey"
as "Michael Ryan"
Red Dawn (1984)
as "Robert"
as "Tim Pearson"
Tank (1984)
as "William "Billy" Carey"
as "Ponyboy Curtis"
as "Tyler"
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