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Rafe Spall

Born Mars 10, 1983 in
as "Eli Mills"
as "Jim 'Captain Flint' Turner / Polski the Parrot"
The BFG (2016)
as "Mr. Tibbs"
as "Harry Price"
as "Danny Moses"
X+Y (2014)
as "Martin Humphreys"
as "John Hancock"
as "Joe Potter"
Get Santa (2014)
as "Steve"
What If (2013)
as "Ben"
as "Young Man"
Earthbound (2012)
as "Joe"
as "Josh"
Life of Pi (2012)
as "Writer"
Prometheus (2012)
as "Millburn"
Anonymous (2011)
as "William Shakespeare"
One Day (2011)
as "Ian Whitehead"
SUS (2010)
as "Wilby"
as "Dennis Heymer"
as "George Emerson"
Hot Fuzz (2007)
as "DC Andy Cartwright"
Dracula (2006)
as "Jonathan Harker"
as "Edward Rochester"
as "Kenny"
as "Keith"
Kidulthood (2006)
as "Lenny"
as "Swill"
as "Pvt. David Wellings"
as "Noel"
as "Stan Parlour"
as "Prince John"
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