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Georg John

Born uknown in
as "Nachtwächter (archive footage)"
as "Baums Diener"
as "Maschinist"
M (1931)
as "Blind Panhandler"
as "Der Mörder"
Metropolis (1927)
as "Working Man Who Causes Explosion of M-Machine (uncredited)"
Variety (1925)
as "Seemann"
as "Waschfraus Mann"
as "Night Watchman"
Waxworks (1924)
as "Owner of the Panoptikums"
as "Slaodel, his brother"
as "Mime the Blacksmith / Alberich the Nibelung"
as "Pförtner"
as "Pesch"
Destiny (1921)
as "Beggar / Bettler"
as "Gutsverwalter Wolleck"
as "Dr. Telphas"
as ""
as "Dr. Telphas"
as "Blind Senator"
as "Death"
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