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Leo Bill

Born August 31, 1980 in
Cruella (2021)
as "Headmaster"
In Fabric (2018)
as "Reg Speaks"
Mr. Turner (2014)
as "JE Mayall"
as "Dr. Stephens"
as "Trinity"
as "Hamish Ascot"
as "Norman Lloyd"
as "John Warren"
as "James Brocklebank"
The Fall (2006)
as "Darwin / Orderly"
as "Flemming"
as "Harry Sampson"
Vera Drake (2004)
as "Ronny"
as "Danny"
Eroica (2003)
as "Reis"
as "Private Jones"
as "Young Man"
as "Teenage Son of Chanel"
as "Drinker"
as "Pvt. Leslie Cutherbertson"
as "Jim"
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