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Leo White

Born November 10, 1873 in
as "Pedestrian Onlooker (uncredited)"
Homicide (1949)
as "Hotel Tenant"
as "Drug Store Manager (uncredited)"
as "Interior Decorator (uncredited)"
as "Sketch Artist Taking Tour / Gypsy (the latter a clip from "Gypsy Sweetheart", 1935) (uncredited)"
as "Spectator Arriving at Courtroom"
as "Waiter at Brown Derby (uncredited)"
as "Psychiatric Ward Doctor (uncredited)"
as "Cabbie"
as "Cigar Store Bookmaker (uncredited)"
Devotion (1946)
as "Waiter"
as "News Hawker"
as "Picasso Putschnik"
as "Man in Phone Booth (uncredited)"
as "Henri's Assistant (uncredited)"
as "Train Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Whispering Agent"
as "Headless Man"
as "Graduation Photographer (Uncredited)"
Casablanca (1942)
as "Emile - Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Headwaiter (uncredited)"
as "Piano Player (uncredited)"
Spy Ship (1942)
as "Waiter"
as "Sidewalk Onlooker (uncredited)"
as "The Barber (uncredited)"
The Letter (1940)
as "Man at Trial (uncredited)"
as "Hynkel's Barber (uncredited)"
as "Dance Contest Observer (uncredited)"
as "Actor in Show (uncredited)"
as "(uncredited)"
as "Man in Saloon (uncredited)"
as "Smiling Man to Whom Lee Sings"
Four Wives (1939)
as "Guest at Wedding Reception (uncredited)"
as "Extra Leaving Courtroom"
as "Creditor with Mustache / Fight Crowd Extra"
as "Nightclub Patron (uncredited)"
as "Convict in Cell 363 (uncredited)"
as "Member of Ballet Troupe"
as "Headwaiter (uncredited)"
Blackmail (1939)
as "Prisoner (uncredited)"
as "Wrestling Match Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
as "Make-Up Man (uncredited)"
as "Peanut Vendor (uncredited)"
as "Extra in Courtroom (uncredited)"
as "Man in Sheriff's Office"
as "Extra Watching Casino Fight (uncredited)"
as "Mechanic / Cleveland Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Newspaper Office Worker (uncredited)"
as "Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Store Customer / Steeplechase Observer"
as "Man in Restaurant (uncredited)"
as "Florist (uncredited)"
as "Padrinsky's Pianist (uncredited)"
as "Proprietor"
as "Omay"
as "Man Commenting at Ambulance"
as "Burnell Office Worker Stealing Cigars (uncredited)"
Tovarich (1937)
as "Assistant Hairdresser"
as "Tony Bronson - Barber"
as "Hotel Bystander"
as "Violinist (uncredited)"
as "Extra in Studio Lunchroom"
as "Man on Dance Floor in Shanghai Nightclub (uncredited)"
as "Extra as Dancer (uncredited)"
as "Man in streetcar reading newspaper (uncredited)"
as "Waiter"
as "Flamingo Waiter"
as "Tenant"
as "Harvey - Shanley's Butler"
as "Mediator"
Espionage (1937)
as "Barber"
as "Jewelry Clerk"
as "Ben - The Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)"
as "Poker Player"
as "Juror"
as "Extra Walking in Hallway at KLA"
Jailbreak (1936)
as "Convict in Cell"
as "Room Service Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Man Wearing Top Hat (uncredited)"
Road Gang (1936)
as "Convict at Farm (uncredited)"
as "Man in Courtroom (uncredited)"
as "Party Guest"
as "Henri - Beauty Salon Owner (uncredited)"
as "Man at Bar in Dempsey's"
as "Waiter"
as "Tailor"
as "Frenchman"
as "de Vinci's Friend"
as "Greeter in Owen's Insurance Office (Uncredited)"
as "Taxi Driver (uncredited)"
Stranded (1935)
as "Haines, a Drunken Worker (uncredited)"
as "French Art Student"
as "Clothes Salesman (uncredited)"
as "Clerk Selling Perfume (uncredited)"
as "Waiter"
as "2nd French Art Expert"
as "Fight Fan"
as "Waiter (Uncredited)"
as "Leo - Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Beautician (uncredited)"
as "New Year's Eve Reveler (Uncredited)"
as "Chicago Hotel Clerk (uncredited)"
as "A Chef (uncredited)"
My Woman (1933)
as "Card Player (Uncredited)"
as "Percy, Audition Manager"
as "Pierre (uncredited)"
as "Rena's Club Dance Director"
as "Porter in Cuba (uncredited)"
as "Andre (uncredited)"
as "Reveler at Party (uncredited)"
as "(uncredited)"
as "Art Student (uncredited)"
as "Hotel Porter (uncredited)"
Huddle (1932)
as "Waiter"
as "Jeweller"
as "Party Guest (Uncredited)"
as "Thin Cook"
as "Man at Bar (uncredited)"
as "Seaman"
as "Impressario's Assistant (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Crownshield (uncredited)"
as "Oscar - the Chef"
as ""
as "Barber (uncredited)"
as "Beauty Expert"
as "Sanballat"
as "Lord Raleigh"
as "Gang Member (uncredited)"
as "Percy Potts"
as "Driver (uncredited)"
Why Worry? (1923)
as "Herculeo"
as "Antonio"
as "Pageant Director (uncredited)"
as "Member of the Auto Thief's Gang"
as "Prince Halbere"
The Flirts (1919)
as "Monsieur Coco"
as "Bolsheviki Leader"
as "The Prize Fighter"
as "Count"
as "An Honest Crook"
as "Manicurist (uncredited)"
The Hobo (1917)
as "Mr. Fox"
as "Rival Propreitor"
as "Ham"
as "Unknown role"
as "Rich Artist"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Stagehand (uncredited)"
The Count (1916)
as "Count Broko"
as "Old Jew / Gypsy Woman (uncredited)"
as "Owner of Burning House"
Police (1916)
as "Fruitseller / Flop House Manager / Policeman"
as "Elegant Customer"
as "A Civil Guard"
as "Frenchman / Negro in Balcony"
Shanghaied (1915)
as "Third Shanghaied Seaman"
The Bank (1915)
as "Clerk"
A Woman (1915)
as "Idler in the Park"
Work (1915)
as "The Secret Lover"
The Tramp (1915)
as "First Thief"
as "Count Chloride de Lime, Edna's Suitor"
as "The Count, Elegant Masher"
as "Crooked gambler"
as "'French' Dandy / Desk clerk"
as "Actor, Hussar Officer"
as "Cafe Patron (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Rich"
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