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Ethan Phillips

Born February 8, 1955 in
Miles (2016)
as "Mr. Wilson"
as "Chief Couper"
as "Joe Alsop"
as "Professor"
as "Jill's Father"
as "Randy Jenkins / Professor Apocalypse"
Showing Up (2014)
as "Himself"
as "Mitch"
as "Bob"
as "Roy"
as "Frank"
as "X-13"
Big Game (2008)
as "Mr. Foxx"
as "Data Clerk"
as "Mark Wessler"
as "Craig"
as "Businessman"
as "Preacher"
The Island (2005)
as "Jones Three Echo"
as "Toa"
as "Copy boy"
as "Jerry - Good Guys Realty"
Jeffrey (1995)
as "Dave"
as "Smedly"
The Shadow (1994)
as "Nelson"
as "Henry"
as "Todd Lansing"
as "Gynecologist"
Green Card (1990)
as "Mr. Gorsky"
as "Basil Valentine"
Lean On Me (1989)
as "Mr. Rosenberg"
Critters (1986)
as "Jeff Barnes"
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