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Laurence Fishburne

Born July 30, 1961 in Augusta, Georgia, United States
Laurence John Fishburne III (born July 30, 1961) is an American actor of screen and stage, as well as a playwright, director, and producer. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Morpheus in the Matrix science fiction film trilogy and as singer-musician Ike Turner in the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got to Do With It. He became the first African-American to portray Othello in a motion picture by a major studio when he appeared in Oliver Parker's 1995 film adaption of the Shakespeare play. Fishburne has won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in Two Trains Running (1992) and an Emmy Award for Drama Series Guest Actor for his performance in TriBeCa (1993). Fishburne’s first marriage was to actress to Hajna O. Moss. They had two children together: a son, Langston and a daughter, Montana. Fishburne is now married to actress Gina Torres. They live in Hollywood with their daughter Delilah.
as "Thrax (Voice)"
as "Special Agent in Charge"
as "Dr. Bill Foster"
as "Reverend Richard Mueller"
as "Bowery King"
Passengers (2016)
as "Gus Mancuso"
as "Perry White"
Standoff (2016)
as "Sade"
Rudderless (2014)
as "Del"
The Signal (2014)
as "Dr. Wallace Damon"
Ride Along (2014)
as "Omar"
Khumba (2013)
as "Seko (voice)"
as "Perry White"
The Colony (2013)
as "Briggs"
as "Henry Covington"
as "Himself"
Contagion (2011)
as "Ellis Cheever"
Thurgood (2011)
as "Thurgood Marshall"
Predators (2010)
as "Noland"
Armored (2009)
as "Baines"
Tortured (2008)
as "Archie Green"
21 (2008)
as "Cole Williams"
as "Tad Gruzsa"
as "Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer (voice)"
TMNT (2007)
as "Narrator (voice)"
Bobby (2006)
as "Edward Robinson"
as "Theodore Brassel"
as "Ahmat"
as "Dr. Larabee"
as "Bear in Genaros Beer Commercial (voice)"
as "Narrator"
as "Marion Bishop"
as "Himself"
as "Morpheus"
as "Sergeant Whitey Powers"
as "Narrator"
as "Morpheus"
Biker Boyz (2003)
as "Smoke"
as "Himself"
as "Himself / Morpheus"
as "Thrax (voice)"
as "20 / 20 Mike"
as "Narrator (voice)"
The Matrix (1999)
as "Morpheus"
as "Laurence Fishburne"
as "Socrates Fortlow"
Hoodlum (1997)
as "Bumpy Johnson"
as "Captain Miller"
as "Caleb Humphries"
Fled (1996)
as "Piper"
Othello (1995)
as "Othello"
as "Hannibal Lee"
Just Cause (1995)
as "Sheriff Tanny Brown"
as "Nelson Crowe"
as "Professor Maurice Phipps"
as "Ike Turner"
Deep Cover (1992)
as "Russell Stevens Jr. / John Hull"
as "Jason 'Furious' Styles"
as "Nick Holbrook"
as "Michael Waring, DOD Man"
Cadence (1990)
as "Roosevelt Stokes"
as "Various"
as "Jimmy Jump"
Red Heat (1988)
as "Lt. Charlie Stobbs"
as "Dap"
as "Glu Glu Lawyer"
as "Sgt. Flanagan"
as "Cream"
as "Voodoo"
as "Swain"
as "Bumpy Rhodes"
as "Midget"
as "Hank Johnson"
as "Cutter"
as "High School Student"
as "Tyrone 'Clean' Miller"
Fast Break (1979)
as "Street Kid"
as "Wilford Robinson"
as "Perry White"
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