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Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

Born May 5, 1898 in
as "Herr Mahler - German Red Cross Representative"
as "German Officer"
as "Reinhard Heydrich"
as "German Co-Pilot"
as "Fritz - Butler"
Casablanca (1942)
as "German Officer with Yvonne (uncredited)"
as "Albert Stalhelm - Storm Trooper"
as "Dr. Helm"
as "Helldorf"
as "Nicholas, Count of Hungary"
as "Andre's Defense Counsel"
Adorable (1933)
as "Prince of Pontevedro"
as "Flosky"
as "Affner, the pilot"
as "Willi von Wellheim - Claires Verehrer"
as "Otto von Wittelsbach (as H.H. von Twardowsky)"
as "Alfred"
Die Weber (1927)
as "Gottfried Hilse"
Phantom (1922)
as "Hugo Lubota"
Marizza (1922)
as ""
Genuine (1920)
as "Florian"
as "Sohn der Dame"
as "Restaurant Waiter"
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