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Mira McKinney

Born October 23, 1892 in
as ""
as "Customer (Uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Edsel"
as "Mrs. Forbes"
as "Rolene's Aunt (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Winston (Uncredited)"
as "Beauty Salon Owner"
as "Mrs. Elvira Rogers"
as "Telsman"
as "Isabel Rogers"
as "Kate Johnson (as Myra McKinney)"
as "Harriet Sterling"
as "Actress at Party (Uncredited)"
as "Jail Matron"
as "Martha Evans"
as "Mrs. Whitmore"
as "Survivor at Delaware Crossing (uncredited)"
as "Ms. Dell"
Earthbound (1940)
as "Minor Role"
as "Mildred Gregory"
as "Mrs. Gregory"
as "Mrs. Reynolds"
as "Customer (uncredited)"
as "Waitress"
as "Mrs. Loomis (uncredited)"
as "Secretary"
as "Sarah - Champagne Customer (uncredited)"
as "Hannah"
as "Letty"
as "Rodowsky Admirer (Uncredited)"
as "Bit Role (uncredited)"
as "Aunt Sarah"
as "Ida Gilbert"
Fury (1936)
as "Hysterical Townswoman at Trial (uncredited)"
as "Minister's Wife"
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