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Neil Maskell

Born uknown in
The Mummy (2017)
as "Dr. Whemple"
as "Craig Rolfe"
Level Up (2016)
as "Dmitri"
High-Rise (2015)
as "P.C. White"
Tank 432 (2015)
as "Research Team Announcement"
as "Chord"
Hyena (2014)
as "Martin"
as ""
as "Buster Edwards"
Pusher (2012)
as "Marlon"
The Rise (2012)
as "Steven Roper"
as "Jimmy McCudden"
as "Hands Henry"
Wild Bill (2011)
as "Dicky"
Turnout (2011)
as "Scott"
Kill List (2011)
as "Jay"
Ghosted (2011)
as ""
Jack Falls (2011)
as "Sid"
as "Craig Rolfe"
Tony (2009)
as "Mike Hemmings"
Doghouse (2009)
as "Banksy"
Paintball (2009)
as "Frank"
as "Darren Nicholls"
Atonement (2007)
as "Soldier in Bray Bar"
as "John"
as "Ferguson"
as "Jack Stoddart"
as "Rod"
Sorted (2000)
as "Record Shop Geezer"
as "Gary Dobson"
as "Soldier"
as "Schmuddie"
as "Kern"
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