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Yoshifumi Tajima

Born uknown in
as "Environmental Director General Hidaka"
as "Detective"
as ""
as "General"
as ""
as "Henchman"
as "Shozaemon Ube"
as "Police Officer"
as ""
as "General"
as "Submarine Commander"
as "Samurai"
as "Ship Captain"
Dogora (1964)
as "Gangster"
as "Kumayama"
Atragon (1963)
as "Tome 'Amano' Amanoshome"
as "Chief Prison Officer"
as "Sailor"
as "Captain of Uranami"
47 Ronin (1962)
as ""
as "Captain of Fujita's ship"
Mothra (1961)
as "Military Advisor"
as "Detective Inspector"
as "Reporter B"
as "SyƓgen Ryƻ - Cabaret Owner"
as ""
as "Potential slave buyer"
The H-Man (1958)
as "Detective Sakata"
Rodan (1956)
as "Izeki, reporter of Seibu Nippou"
as "Yoshioka samurai"
Mr. Pu (1953)
as ""
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