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Kumi Mizuno

Born uknown in
as "Commander Akiko Namikawa"
as "1999 Prime Minister Machiko Tsuge"
as ""
as "Natsuko Aikawa"
as "Akemi"
as "Miss Namikawa"
as "Dr. Sueko Togami"
Whirlwind (1964)
as "The Witch"
as "Miwa the Rebel Leader"
Matango (1963)
as "Mami Sekiguchi - Singer"
as "Takihime"
as ""
47 Ronin (1962)
as "Saho"
Gorath (1962)
as "Takiko Nomura"
as "Ruriko"
as "Tomi"
as "Azami"
as "Hamako"
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