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Gianni Russo

Born December 12, 1943 in
as "Clippers Fan"
as "Red Dragon Pit Boss"
as "Andrew Bandolini"
as "Christina's Advisor"
Striptease (1996)
as "Willy Rojo"
as "Scapelli"
Side Out (1990)
as "Dick Sydney"
as "Anthony Bonino"
as "Co-Pilot"
Laserblast (1978)
as "Tony Craig"
as "Chip Morono - the 'Deuce of Clubs'"
Lepke (1975)
as "Albert Anastasia"
Lo sgarbo (1975)
as ""
as "Carlo Rizzi"
The Bait (1973)
as "Gianni Ruggeri"
as "Michael Tarlow"
as "Carlo Rizzi"
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