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John Kassir

Born October 24, 1957 in
The Grinch (2018)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Additional Voice (voice)"
as "Elliot the Dragon (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
Smothered (2016)
as "John Kassir"
as "Crazy Smurf (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "General Fallon's Small Head"
as "Marco (as Michel Goldstein)"
as "Herman (voice)"
The Smurfs (2011)
as "Crazy Smurf (Voice)"
as ""
as "Chuck"
as "Himself / 'Cryptkeeper'"
as "P.A. Voice / Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Ralph Wiley / Uncle Sam"
as "Moe Moebius"
as "Rocky / Armando (voice)"
as "Shemp Howard"
as "Ray Palmer / The Atom"
as "Crypt Keeper (voice)"
Spy Hard (1996)
as "Rancor Guard at Intercom"
as "Jean Michel"
Pocahontas (1995)
as "Meeko (voice)"
as "Buster Bunny (voice)"
Casper (1995)
as "The Crypt Keeper (voice)"
as "Crypt Keeper"
as "Igor"
as "Tripwire"
as "Haman (voice)"
as "Buster Bunny (voice)"
as ""
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