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Antonio Bravo

Born uknown in
as "Matias"
as "Doctor"
as "Señor cura"
as "Rabino Morales"
Queen Doll (1972)
as "Padre de Amilamia"
as "Esteban, mayordomo"
as "Priest"
as "Don Cosme"
Tlayucan (1962)
as "Doctor"
El Extra (1962)
as "Productor pelicula azteca"
as "Sergio Russell"
Spiritism (1962)
as "Don Carlos"
as "Señor La Valle"
as ""
as "Padre Artemio Familiar"
Nazarin (1959)
as "Don Pablo"
as "Don Luis"
as "Invitado a reunión"
as "Tío Alfonso"
as "Juez"
as "Maître d'"
as "Señor director de empresa (uncredited)"
as "Antiques dealer (uncredited)"
as "Sr. Cervantes"
Él (1953)
as "Invitado a fiesta (uncredited)"
as "Tomás Pizarro"
as "Escriba"
as "Alfonso"
as "Poeta"
as "Radilla"
as "Rocha / Rochefort"
as "Bobby Lechuga, el Fox Terrier"
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