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Oliver Ford Davies

Born August 12, 1939 in
as "Cunliffe"
as "Hester's Father"
as "Polonius"
as "Sir Donald Kaberry"
as "Martin Lipscomb"
as ""
as "Col. Geoffrey Reece"
The Mother (2003)
as "Bruce"
as "Archbishop Lang"
as "Govenor Sio Bibble"
Sunday (2002)
as "Lord Hailsham"
Blow Dry (2001)
as "Doctor Hamilton"
as "Mr. Wickfield"
as "Governor Sio Bibble"
as "Sir Hugo Danforth"
as "George Whittington"
as "Lord Liverpool"
as "Hugh Whitbread"
Mrs Brown (1997)
as "Dean of Windsor"
as "Doctor Harris"
as "Prof. Carson"
as "Gerald"
Paper Mask (1990)
as "Coroner"
Scandal (1989)
as "Mr Woods, MI5"
as "J.D. Casswell"
as "Anthony Clegg"
as "Pattterson"
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