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Edie McClurg

Born July 23, 1951 in
as "Cloris McDermott"
as ""
Frozen (2013)
as "Gerda (voice)"
as "Lydia/Mum/Lady"
as "Mary (voice)"
Foodfight! (2012)
as "Mrs. Butterworth"
Cars 2 (2011)
as "Minny (voice)"
as "Martha"
as "Maggie Perkins"
Cars (2006)
as "Minny (voice)"
as "Peggy Jones / Sea Salt Sally (voice)"
as "Mary Louise Morrison"
as "Nurse Olivia"
as "Additional Voice (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Estelle"
as "Mrs. Gertrude"
as "Gram Gram"
as "Mother Disguisey"
as "Nurse Rollins"
as ""
Hanging Up (2000)
as "Esther"
as "Carlotta (voice)"
as "Beverly McGuire"
as "Miranda Hoggendobber"
as "Dr. Flora (voice)"
as "Nurse (voice)"
Flubber (1997)
as "Martha George"
as "Librarian"
Inhumanoid (1996)
as "Dr. Marianne Snow"
as "Dolly"
as "Ora Anderson (Mom) (voice)"
as "Mallory's Mom"
as "Winnie Pig (voice)"
Airborne (1993)
as "Aunt Irene"
as "Mrs. Burns"
Curly Sue (1991)
as "Secretary"
as "Patsy Webber"
as "Carlotta (voice)"
as "Chastity Pariah"
as "Lynn"
as "Car Rental Agent"
as "Marge Sweetwater"
as "Grace"
as "Donna"
as "Angela"
as "Blue's Mom"
as "Susan"
as "Hermit Hattie"
as "Gloria's Mom - Groundling"
as "Esmerelda"
as ""
Carrie (1976)
as "Helen Shyres"
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