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Dale Dye

Born October 8, 1944 in
as "Lieutenant Colonel Jackson"
as "New Founding Father"
as "Cabbie (voice)"
as "Radio Announcer"
as "Frank Knight"
as "General Kreuger"
as "General Temekin"
as "Col. Robert Sink"
as "Gen. Perry"
as "Vernon Harpwood"
as "War Department Colonel"
as "General"
as "Dr. German Stone"
as "General Hurst"
as "Frank Barnes"
Outbreak (1995)
as "Lt. Col. Briggs"
as "Dale Wrigley"
as "Charles Ivy"
JFK (1991)
as "General Y"
as "Police Officer"
Kid (1990)
as "Forrest Garvey"
Fire Birds (1990)
as "A.K. McNeil"
as "Sergeant Major"
Always (1989)
as "Don"
as "Infantry Colonel"
as "Chief Bates"
as "Capt. Hill"
as "Helicopter Crew Chief (uncredited)"
Platoon (1986)
as "Captain Harris"
as "Squad Leader"
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