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Steffen Wink

Born July 5, 1967 in
as "Christian"
as "Herr Werner"
as "Handwerker"
as "Martin Klotz"
as "Jakob Formanovic"
Bible Code (2008)
as "Thadeus"
as "Philipp Wellenbach"
as "Moderator (Gameshow)"
as "Alex"
Barefoot (2005)
as "Viktor Keller"
as "Paul von Saldern"
as "Ludger Hochmas"
as "Rico"
Honolulu (2001)
as "Kiki"
Wambo (2001)
as "Ferdi Tummler"
as "Paul"
as "Reporter"
as "Herr Nabroth"
as "Klaus"
as "Nick Welte"
as "Nick McRafferty"
Magic Girl (1995)
as "Kurt"
as "Thomy"
as "Manni"
Boomtown (1993)
as "Robert Bach"
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