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Inez Courtney

Born Mars 12, 1908 in
Turnabout (1940)
as "Miss Edwards"
as "Emily French"
as "Ilona Novotny"
as "Nellie Conrad"
as "Waitress (uncredited)"
as "Betty Lou Wood"
as "Gwen Morrison"
as "Libby Long"
Crime Ring (1938)
as "Kitty"
as "Girl on Ship (uncredited)"
as "Julie Walters"
as "Blind Date"
as "Tillie"
as "Mabel"
as "Mary Lawson"
as "Mrs. Flynn (uncredited)"
Suzy (1936)
as "Maisie"
as "Marge Wilkins"
as "Sally Patrick"
as "Laura Jones"
as "Mamie (uncredited)"
as "Hilda"
as "Mrs. Barnes"
The Raven (1935)
as "Mary Burns"
as "Miss Wilson"
Air Hawks (1935)
as "Second Nurse (uncredited)"
as "Marge Moore"
as "Nurse Mae (uncredited)"
as "Public Stenographer (scenes deleted)"
as "Maizie"
as "Polly"
as "Faun"
as "Margie"
Sunny (1930)
as "'Weenie'"
as "Peggy North"
as "Grusha"
as "Mary Jane Braley"
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