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Charles Arnt

Born August 20, 1906 in
as "Mayor Henricks"
Flood Tide (1958)
as "Appleby"
as "Ernest Quimby"
as "Reporter, Globe Express"
as "Horace Carter"
as "J.B. Caldwell"
as "Dobbs"
as "Dr. Nichols"
as "Pop Gerard"
as "Coblenz"
as "Amos Peabody, publisher"
High Wall (1947)
as "Sidney X. Hackle"
as "Amos Peabody"
as "William Schooler"
as "Crawford"
Fall Guy (1947)
as "Uncle Jim Grossett"
as "Olsen"
as "Fred, Natalie's 2nd Husband"
Big Town (1946)
as "Amos Peabody"
as "Salesman"
as "Cy Nolan - O'Neill's Secretary"
as "Mayor Richard Denby"
as "Mahoney"
as "Attorney Allen S. Tobin (uncredited)"
as "Mr. Johnson (as Charles E. Arnt)"
as "Daniel Boone Wintergreen"
as "Clothes Salesman"
as "Train Conductor (uncredited)"
as "Max Ducone"
Sudan (1945)
as "Khafra"
as "Professor Muhlbach"
as "Butler"
as "Sonny Tucker"
as "Daniel"
as "Papa Eisdaar"
as "Marriage Clerk"
as "Ezra Larkin"
as "Fred Stacy"
Up in Arms (1944)
as "Mr. Higginbotham"
as "Joe, the Train Conductor"
as "Boyle"
as "Judge Horace Hooker"
as "Honoré"
as "Bailey"
as "Fud Newton"
Twin Beds (1942)
as "Manager"
as "Male Dressmaker"
as "Pooly"
as "McNeary"
as "Lt. Lantz"
as "Blodgett"
Great Guns (1941)
as "Doctor"
as "Mr. MacAdams"
We Go Fast (1941)
as "Refrigerator Salesman"
as "G. Harrington Hedger"
as "Hal Brennon"
as "Parks (butler)"
as "Herman Winkle"
Little Men (1940)
as "Drunk in Medicine Show"
as "Mr. Stubbins, Man with Pain"
as "Mr. Billings"
as "Policeman (uncredited)"
as "Tom"
as "Jed Reed"
as "Ralph Everett"
as "Georgie Herman"
as "Ticket Clerk"
as "Lampier's Secretary"
as "Dining Car Steward"
as "Archie Sloan"
as "Mr. Henshaw"
as "The Father"
as "Victor Jessup"
as "Benny"
as "Clem Walters"
as "Sam Gardner"
as "Albert, the manservant"
as "Caius - the Food Taster (uncredited)"
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