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Timothy West

Born October 20, 1934 in
Idle-Hands (2010)
as "Spam"
Endgame (2009)
as "P.W. Botha"
as "Mr Eager"
as "Lawrence Bauford"
as "Martin Luther"
as "Dymas (voice)"
as "Hugh Burrell"
as "Sir Christopher Ellis"
Iris (2001)
as "Older Maurice"
as "Jones"
as "Judge"
EverAfter (1998)
as "King Francis"
King Lear (1998)
as "Gloucester"
as "Hrothgar ( voice )"
as "Chairman of the Inquiry"
as "Sir Bob Luckton"
as "Parvus"
as "Capt. De Wet"
as "Russell"
as "Mr. Bumble"
as "Lord Gordon Easterfield"
Rough Cut (1980)
as "Nigel Lawton"
Henry VIII (1979)
as "Cardinal Wolsey"
Agatha (1979)
as "Kenward"
as "Porton"
as "Father Anselmo"
as "Berthier"
as "Dr. Botkin"
Edward II (1970)
as "Young Mortimer"
as "Taylor"
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