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Costas Mandylor

Born September 3, 1962 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Costas Mandylor (born Costas Theodosopoulos; September 3, 1965) is an Greek Australian actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Kenny in Picket Fences, and for portraying Mark Hoffman in the Saw series.

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as "Jim"
as ""
The Nurse (2014)
as "Martin"
as "Frank"
as "Detective Morrison"
as "Sheriff O'Connor"
as "Mason"
Saw 3D (2010)
as "Mark Hoffman"
as "Raymond Crowe"
as "Matthew"
Hyenas (2011)
as "Gannon"
The Cursed (2010)
as "Jimmy Muldoon"
Saw VI (2009)
as "Hoffman"
as "Rex"
Saw V (2008)
as "Mark Hoffman"
as "Chase Harper"
Beowulf (2007)
as "Hondshew"
Saw IV (2007)
as "Hoffman"
Nobody (2007)
as "Mortemain / Noe"
Payback (2007)
as "Billy"
Saw III (2006)
as "Forensic Hoffman"
as "Matt McLaughlin"
Sub Zero (2005)
as "John Deckert"
as "Terrell"
as "Charlie 'Gloves' Columbo"
Dinocroc (2004)
as "Dick Sydney"
as "Aiden Porter"
as "Marco Polini"
Hitters (2002)
as ""
as "Instructor"
as "Chris Milos"
as "Bobby Giordano"
as "Kevin Dodd"
as "Michael Amorosa"
The Pledge (2001)
as "Monash Deputy"
Gangland (2001)
as "Jared"
Deep Water (2000)
as "Alan Decker"
as "McCarthy"
as "Salvatore Maranzano"
as "Ryan Mitchell"
Exiled (1998)
as "Gianni Uzielli"
as "Mike Hanlon"
as "Hector Stroessner / Ray Soldado"
Shelter (1998)
as "Nikos Kostantinos"
as "Cupid on Earth"
Just Write (1997)
as "Rich Adams"
as "George G. Kendall"
Crosscut (1995)
as ""
as "Jaid"
as "Vegas"
as "Lawrence Walters"
as "Lord Shin"
as "Paul Blankenship"
Fatal Past (1993)
as "Costello"
as "Dominic"
Mobsters (1991)
as "Frank Costello"
Soapdish (1991)
as "Mark"
The Doors (1991)
as "Italian Count"
as "Avram"
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