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Pip Torrens

Born uknown in
as "BBC Producer"
as "Colonel Kaplan"
as "Dr. Jens Hexler"
as "Wilson"
as "Rankin"
as "Jack Calderon"
Effie Gray (2014)
as "Royal Academy / Times Journalist"
as "George"
as "Prince Alexander Shcherbatsky"
Gambit (2012)
as "Desk Clerk"
as ""
Bel Ami (2012)
as "Paul the Butler"
as "Ian Gilmour"
War Horse (2011)
as "Maj. Tompkins"
as "Sir Kenneth Clark"
as "Health & Safety Official"
as "Major John Arbuthnot"
U Be Dead (2009)
as "Mr. Higginson"
as "Victor"
as "Colonel Hampton"
as "Edward Austen-Knight"
as "Lord Hurst"
as "Frances Graham Harrison"
Flood (2007)
as "Army Liaison Officer Richardson"
as "Doctor Gale"
as "Paul Kessler"
as "Michael Caplan"
as "Squire Richards"
as "Supt Flood"
as "Netherfield Butler"
as "Noel Coward"
Valiant (2005)
as "Lofty (voice)"
as "John Scarlett"
as "Headmaster"
Gifted (2003)
as "Richard Neilson"
Shackleton (2002)
as "James McIlroy"
Sunday (2002)
as "Inquiry Lawyer"
as "British Major"
as "Lt. Foxworth"
as "Mark Pattison"
as "Philip Amis"
as "Colonel Kirke"
Longitude (2000)
as "Capt. Lindsay"
as "Simon Jones"
as "Captain - HMS Bedford"
Incognito (1997)
as "White (Defense)"
as "Doctor Richard Carlisle"
as "First Aide"
as ""
as "Art Evaluator"
as "Anton"
as "Gold Cufflinks"
as "Captain Bluntschli"
as "Jock"
Lady Jane (1986)
as "Thomas"
as "Ian"
as "Larry"
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